Waymo self-driving cars: Where they need to improve

Waymo self-driving cars

The vision of developing self-driving cars, as imagined by Google now lives on in the form of Waymo, which became separate from Alphabet Inc. recently and is synonymous with Google’s driverless car project. Since the separation was done intentionally to have an entire company dedicated to the development of the project’s goals and not as a “discarded” venture, Waymo has access to all the data and experience which Google had acquired since 2009 and over 2 million miles. According to the company, the 2 million miles of driving experience is roughly equivalent to the experience of a human driver who has been driving around for 300 years!



However, a recent argument which challenges the credibility of the automatic driving is that the AI has no experience when it comes to driving in snow. Snow has the potential to cloud the cameras and laser sensors (lidar) that an automatic car depends on. Ford already has a successful test record in snow to its favour and General Motors is about to start testing autonomous driving in the winter soon. Uber also has similar plans accordingly, but Google has not yet disclosed any such plans to the public.

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